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Silveira House


To See

To see is to acknowledge and study the real problems and their causes, the analysis of which lies within the competence of the human and social sciences

To Judge

To judge is to interpret the same reality in the light of the sources of the social doctrine; they determine how social phenomena are judged, and what their ethical implications are

To Act

To act means that the choices made are turned into practice

Three Stages in the Development of Social Action

The Historical Stage

Here is where one through listening, observation and encounter, discovers the facts, gathers the data, and becomes aware of the problems of society…

The Ideological Stage

When one engages in the search for causes, significance of the facts and of possible developments. Interpretation is sought, inevitably influenced by the values to which observers adhere.

The Political Stage

The political stage is action oriented. It is essentially technical and operative. It consists in drawing up a series of concrete conclusions, social choices to be translated into social actions or models of society.​

The Pastoral Cycle