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PCZ attempts to build a reading culture through mentoring, publishing and marketing of potential literary producers. It focuses on a specific literature on the Church in Zimbabwe and its impact on social, political, economic and cultural life in the country and beyond.  The church is an important place for literal development. Many literary works have their origin in religious traditions. Universities in the late middle ages began as monasteries before moving to cathedral schools. Major universities in America started as religious institutions. Zimbabwe is predominately a religious country, most of its early intelligentsia were groomed in religious institutions. Thus this initiative considers the Church as a wellspring of spiritual and intellectual life.


PCZ operate as an arm of Silveira House Research and Publication Department.

It is involved in the following areas

  • Writing and publishing of biographies of figures of influence the Church
  • Engaging churches, parishes, and church guilds in preparing bulletins, magazines and journals, monographs, encyclopedias that explore histories, spiritualties, theological reflections, liturgical practices and their engagements with wider society.

Commissioning and publishing of research topics on significant issues that affect the Church in Zimbabwe and beyond.

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