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Executive Certificate in Conflict Mediation and Resolution

People across the globe pursue various goals to meet their needs and interests but, in the process, disadvantage each other. That inconvenience created from incompatible drive towards individual goals leads to the build-up in energy reflecting as conflict. Conflict arises whenever individuals have different values, opinions, needs, interests and are unable to find a middle way. Conflict is normal in everyday life but how we handle it is of paramount importance. The handing of conflict is hinged on skills for mediation and resolution which is the core of the executive certificate training in conflict mediation and resolution.


Who should attend:

The Executive Certificate in Conflict Mediation and Resolution course is targeting development practitioners and professionals in different fields where programmes promote people to pursue their personal goals thus a breeding ground for conflict.

Entry Requirements:

A minimum of a diploma or degree in any field from a recognized and accredited institution. Previous qualifications do not need to be necessarily linked to the field of development.

Learning objectives:

Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Have a general understanding of the key principles of Conflict mediation and Resolution.
  • Design Conflict mediation and resolution programmes
  • To be equipped with practical conflict mediation and resolution skills.

Course Structure

The Executive Certificate in Conflict Mediation and Resolution course has 7 compulsory core modules and 4 elective modules from which the learners will need to select 2. Learners need to have completed 9 modules and the project in order to graduate.

Core modulesElective modules

1.      Principles of Peace and Peace Building

2.      Conflict Analysis and Assessments

3.      Conflict Negotiation and leadership

4.      Conflict and Gender

5.      Designing Conflict Mediation and Resolution programmes

6.      M&E in Conflict Mediation and Resolution programming

7.      Project

1.      Conflict Mediation and Resolution in Natural Resource Management

2.      Conflict Mediation and Resolution in Governance programming

3.      Conflict Mediation and Resolution in WASH programming

4.      Contemporary issues Conflict Mediation and Resolution

Dates: 21 February to 29 July 2022

Venue: The course will adopt both virtual and physical learning sessions. Physical sessions will be hosted at Silveira House Jesuit Social Justice & Development Centre, Arcturus Road, Chishawasha, Harare

Costs: US$300 tuition & US$15 registration fee (Registration fee & at least US$150 tuition to be paid in order to register)

Registration deadline: 16 February 2022


Upon completion of the learning, learners will receive a certificate of achievement with Silveira House

Why register with Silveira House

Silveira House was established in 1964 with the sole purpose of providing technical skills transfer through private and donor funding programmes. In the last 57 years Silveira House has implemented various projects in emergency response, governance, lobbying and advocacy, governance, WASH, vocational technical skills and agriculture. The experience gained over the 57 years informs the theoretical and practical training that the learners will receive.

How to register: Follow the link below

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