Technical & Vocational skills training

Work dignifies and gives mankind a true sense of worth

Our Current Projects

Traditional Apprenticeship Training for Young Men and Women

The Traditional Apprenticeship project aims at improving the employability and livelihoods of young men and women in Matobo district through vocational skills and enterprise development. These enterprises contribute to the ease of access to goods and services in their localities. Through the certification, trainees who successfully complete their programmes have a chance at employment by formal companies as they satisfy the industrial requirements in theory and practice. 

Building Resilience Through Improving the Absorptive and Adaptive capacity for Transformation (BRACT) of Risk Communities in Mutoko and Mudzi Districts of Zimbabwe

This project is designed to improve the absorptive, adaptive and transformative resilience capacities for households and individuals in Mutoko and Mudzi districts, both extremely vulnerable to drought and exhibiting high poverty levels. Communities that lack resilience to shocks and stresses represent leaky systems – systems where human, social, environmental and economic capital is lost or wasted. BRACT plugs the leaks in these systems, harnessing local and external resources to strengthen their functionality, productivity, and health. The role of Silveira House in the five member consortium implementing the BRACT project is to facilitate vocational skills and enterprise development activities. 

Livelihoods and Income Security for Vulnerable Youth and Women in Zimbabwe

Running in Harare South district, Hopley, the project  engages young people in income generating projects through technical skills. Youth trained in technical and vocational skills work together in groups in order to achieve sercure and sustainable livelihoods. These groups are organised into associations whose mandate is to advocate for improved service delivery and infrastructure development in Hopley.