Advocacy and Peace Building


The Advocacy and Peace Building programme promotes social justice and peace by strengthening  capacity of marginalized groups to engage government or corporate bodies to put in place inclusive laws, policies, structures and practices as well as fostering socio-economic and political tolerance, diversity and constructive conflict management  in Zimbabwe. The Programme currently runs two projects:

  1. a) Advocacy Project
  • Socio- economic development of communities around mining areas
  • Enabling natural resources governance laws and policies that are sensitive to the needs of ordinary citizens
  • Sustainable service delivery systems through RDC and other development structures like the Community Share Ownership Trusts
  • Accountability and transparency among service providers
  1. b) Peace and Reconciliation Project
  • Effective community based peace structures promoting community peace and cohesion
  • An operational National Peace and Reconciliation Commission working with communities in promoting reconciliation processes at local level
  • Peace building approaches integrated with livelihoods skills provision


Projects Implementation Methodology



Methodological Approach


Peace Building


Awareness raising and basic training for community members

-Introduction to advocacy and lobbying with emphasis on evidence based grassroots advocacy and lobbying

-SH facilitates the identification of lobby issues by communities

Basics to conflict management and mediation; emphasizing community approaches


Selection and capacity building of  community working groups for sustainability purposes

-Selection of lobby group members from trained community members

-Needs analysis and in-depth training of lobby groups

-Selection of peace committees from trained community members

-Needs analysis and in-depth- training of peace committees


Collaborative work with  lobby groups and peace committees


Clarification of issues, and mapping way forward with committees or teams and monitoring of lobby teams

SH accompanies the lobby groups or affected communities to engage relevant policy makers on identified advocacy issues.

-Working with and supporting peace committees in initiating  and monitoring peace building activities

- Identification of gaps and addressing them


Monitoring of working groups

-Advocacy ‘with’ continues

- Lobby groups take a leading role while Silveira House provides technical support where necessary

Peace committees implement own activities with little or no support from Silveira House



Silveira House project phases out


Silveira House folds the project and identifies new advocacy issues

Silveira House folds the project and  reaches out to new needy areas

Networks and Synergies

The Programme networks with like-minded organizations working for peace, which include the Catholic Institutions Forum on Peace and Reconciliation, Peace Building Network of Zimbabwe and Church and Civil Society Forum of Zimbabwe.

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