Advocacy and Peace Building


Social Justice and Peace Building

Advocacy and Lobbying


To promote social justice and peace by fostering socio-economic and political tolerance, diversity and constructive conflict managementin in Zimbabwe.

To strengthen the capacity of marginalized communities or groups to lobby government and corporates to enact inclusive laws, practices and structures.

Community Development


Leadership Training

Community Transformation


To promote o-responsibility and accountability among national, local and community leaders, and

to promote active participation of communities in the planning and implementation of development projects.

Technical & Vocational Skills Training


Technical and Vocational Skills training

Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) development

Lobbying for workspace


To capacitate unemployed poor people with technical and vocational skills for employment creation and income generation

To provide legal, financial and professional support to SMEs.

Socio-economic Research & Analysis


Socio-economic and political environmental watch

Needs assessment, Projects and Programmes Monitoring and Evaluation

Research, publications, and policy advocacy 


To identify and analyse real and current economic, social and political problems affecting the citizens of Zimbabwe,

To inform Silveira House programmes in programming and formulating strategic interventions that respond to specific needs, issues and problems in Zimbabwe,

To influence structure and centers of power in society using publications as advocacy tools.

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