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SILVEIRA HOUSE is a Catholic Church organization named after Fr Gonçalo Da Silveira, a Portuguese Jesuit and the first missionary to arrive in Southern Africa in the year 1560 at Sofala. Silveira House was founded in 1964 by Fr. John Dove, SJ on request by the bishops’ conference for the Jesuits to respond to the needs of the poor majority under colonial rule.


Fr. John Dove SJ

SILVEIRA House was the first NGO to offer civic education to black Africans in Zimbabwe in the 1960s. It was also the first national training center for industrial relations and trade unionism in the context of United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Furthermore, it was the first to develop a well-defined youth development programme.

In the 1960s Silveira House sheltered focus group discussions mostly among the youth and women helping them to reflect on issues affecting their lives in society. It also facilitated discussions for nationalist leaders and communities seeking to address the political challenges of the time. From these discussions, Silveira House developed need-driven projects such as industrial relations, youth formation, civic education and commercial skills training.

In the 1970s Silveira House  extended its programmes to include trade unionism, voter education, commercial and vocational skills, community participation in political and economic processes and women empowerment guided by its reading of the signs of the times. On the occasion of the golden jubilee celebrations of Silveira House that took place on the — of — 2015 at the center, former government Minister Dr Herbert Murerwa, described Fr Dove as visionary who would often tell the youth leaders (himself included) that “Change will come but let’s empower these young people to be the change engine, change agents for the future.”  

Post independence, Silveira House complemented government efforts in social services delivery and community reconstruction. A number of its former employees were adopted by the new government to constitute national bodies such as the ministries such as the Ministry of Labor and the Zimbabwe Council of Trade Unions.


Labor movements post independence

 Silveira House continues to work for social justice and development in response to the needs of citizens and refugees in Zimbabwe. It remains a home for dialogue for those who search for truth and the common good.  


Fr Gibson F. Munyoro, SJ
Fr. Fidelis Mukonori, SJ

our Current leadership

Men & Women for Others and with Others

Fr. Chiyedza Chimhanda, SJ

The Provincial of the ZImbabwe Mozambique Jesuit Province 

Advocate Blessing Diza

The Chairperson of the Silveira House Board of Directors

Fr. Anold Moyo, SJ

The Director of Silveira House

Mrs. Agnes Chabikwa

The Programmes Manager of Silveira House

"In all things, to Love and to Serve."

Ignatius of Loyola