About Us

Our History

Silveira House is a Jesuit, Catholic Church institution which was founded in 1964 by Fr. John Dove, SJ. It sheltered focus group discussions mostly among the youth and women to reflect on issues affecting their lives in society.

It also facilitated discussions for nationalist leaders and communities seeking to address the political challenges of the time. From these discussions, Silveira House developed need-driven projects such as industrial relations, youth formation, civic education and commercial skills training.

In the 1970s Silveira House focused on activities that include trade unionism, voter education, commercial and vocational skills, community participatory in political and economic processes and women empowerment.

After independence, Silveira House complemented government efforts in social services delivery and community reconstruction.

Over  the years Silveira House has grown and become an influential social justice and development center through its activities. Currently, a variety of project in different districts and among different groups are being implemented by our  Community Development Programme, Advocacy and Peace Building Programme, Socio-economic Research and Analysis Programme, and the Technical and Vocational Skills Training Programme.


A peaceful and Just Zimbabwean Society

Silveira House envisages a peaceful and just Zimbabwean society where there are fewer poor, marginalized and oppressed citizens excluded from the economic or political system;  where all citizens (poor or rich) feel proud to be citizens of a free and ever-developing Zimbabwe.


To promote active participation and co-responsibility by all citizens

Silveira House exists to help people realize their own capabilities and to take udvantage of available opportunities to actively participate in the growth and development f Zimbabwe, both at local and national levels.


Silveira House work flows from the values of the Social Teaching of the Church, the charism and spirituality of the Society of Jesus and our shared vision and mission:

  1. Respect for human dignity and human rights.
  2. Option for the poor: special commitment to working for and with the poor, the marginalised or disadvantaged groups of people.
  3. Social justice: Working for the transformation of structural and systematic injustices and poverty
  4. Collaboration and teamwork: Working with other people with shared values and vision in a mutually enriching and complementing way.
  5. Stewardship: Respectful and prudent use of the environment and of the scarce resources available to the majority of people
  6. Discernment: prayerful reflection on the influence and impact of our activities [integration of the promotion of justice and faith (cf GC 34 d 3)].
  7. Moral discipline and transparency:  norms of our Christian faith; and openness in financial accounting and reporting to our stakeholders.


Silveira House engages local communities and leadership at both local and national levels . We use an action-oriented strategic approach:


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