Fr Fidelis Mukonori Assumes Office as the Director of Silveira House

After six-years of celebrated service as the director of works at Silveira House, Fr. Gibson Munyoro handed over the leadership of the Centre to Fr. Fidelis Mukonori. It is goodbye to Fr. Gibson Munyoro and welcome back to Fidelis Mukonori. To mark this transition, the ceremony commenced with a Eucharistic Celebration in the Silveira House Chapel. 

The Provincial Superior of the Zimbabwe-Mozambique Jesuit Province, Fr. Chiyedza Chimhanda led the Mass and situated the handover in a two-part homily. In the first part of his homily, he stressed the humility of Jesus even after His resurrection as his appearance before the disciples at the sea was not marked by loud acclamations, but a simple sharing a meal with his disciples.

The second part comprised of an articulation of the expectations of the offices of the director and the programmes manager of Silveira House as stated in the missioning letters of the two; summarily, guiding the Centre's work of bringing about change among the people we serve and to bear witness to the presence of the Kingdom of God on earth. He asked the congregation to stretch their hands towards the two men, Frs Mukonori and Moyo, and ask for God's blessings upon them as they take up their important roles as Director and Programmes Manager of Silveira House, respectively. The former and the incumbent directors, gave their speeches at the closing phase of the Mass, words of which can be summed up as

expressions of gratitude to God and to the people of Silveira House. Noteworthy is the family spirit that revolves around the Silveira House community, enabling its members to grow in love and unity of mind and heart, as remarked by Fr Munyoro.

The second set of speeches came soon after the Mass, in the dining hall. First up was Mr. Mapurisa representing the Silveira House workers committee. He spoke on the innovation, creativity and good interpersonal skills that characterized the Fr Munyoro’s leadership, which allowed staff to work as a team and produce results. The second speech came from a representative of the Silveira House Board, Mrs Mahachi. One thing that stood out for her was the level of organization with which Fr Munyoro carried out his work. This made it easy for the Board to lead the Centre, she remarked. 

The third speaker, Mr. Allen Mateko summarized the management’s sentiments in the words, “… where deeds are manifest, no words can explain…” Fr Gibson Munyoro’s work over his six years as director guiding the Centre created good relations with many strategic partners in government and civic society, a treasure which Silveira House will always be grateful for. Representing the partners of Silveira House, Mr. Abel Chikomo from TRACE expressed his delight to have worked with Fr Munyoro. 

He expressed TRACE’s the confidence in Silveira House’s work in promoting transparency and accountability among public and private sector organizations and assured TRACE’s support for future works. He highlighted the uniqueness of Silveira House as a church organization that believes in what she does. After Mr Chikomo, a close collaborator and friend to the Jesuits, Mrs Chipo expressed her gratitude to the former director as, a true son of St. Ignatius who embodies the spirit of self-giving in service of the people “for the greater glory of God.”  

Fr Paul Mayeresa, on behalf of the Chishawasha Jesuit Communitas thanked Fr Munyoro for his work guiding the Silveira House social justice and development centre and sub-parish. He also took the opportunity to ask the Silveira House team to assist the new director as he integrates with the Centre once more and to welcome the programmes manager Fr. Arnold Moyo to his new office.Fr Moyo wrapped up the speech giving session by a hilarious introductory anecdote and expressing his excitement to join the Centre and the life that surrounds it. He commended the way the handover took place, in the context of Mass, setting the vision and mission of the Jesuit institution within the spiritual dimension it is rooted and sustained.