Our Vision

A Peaceful and Just Zimbabwean Society

Our Mision

To promote active participation and co-responsibility by all citizens

Our Values

We is guided by the principles of the Social Teaching of the Catholic Church and the Jesuit charism and spirituality.

Our History

Silveira House is a Catholic Church Organization which was founded by Fr John Dove, a Jesuit priest, in 1964.

Our Work

Silveira House currently runs projects in 17 Districts across the country.

Our Guiding Principles

Faith at the Service of Justice

Faith at the Service of Justice

First and foremost, Silveira House is a Catholic Social justice and Development Center. We believe that peace and justice are attainable ideals in Zimbabwe and the rest of the world. Thus, we collaborate with Catholic Church structures, local communities, leaders, and other organizations in the work of ensuring the existence of peaceful and just society. Peace and justice are two necessary conditions for development; we believe that sustainable development cannot take place unless there is peace and justice. Therefore, we invite all interested men and women of good-will to join our efforts to build a society where human dignity, the common good, solidarity and subsidiarity are ultimate values.

"Because we believe" AMDG.
Preferential Option for the Poor

Preferential Option for the Poor

We believe the poor are not lazy, but only lack the opportunities and access to necessary means to better their lives. These range from a good education, food, shelter, healthcare facilities, the autonomy and power to determine their lives. Therefore, in solidarity we share who they are and what they have, and help them develop their capacities in order to secure for themselves sustainable livelihoods. Silveira House projects target mostly the poor and vulnerable groups in Zimbabwe. Currently we have a presence in 16 rural districts in the country where we work with grass-root communities, local leaders (both traditional and elected), and various other stakeholders (Church and Civil Society) to improve our people's access to knowledge, goods and services necessary for their well being.

"Because we care." AMDG.
Commitment to Depth

Commitment to Depth

We are committed not only to solving problems but also to understanding them as clearly and precisely as possible. We believe that the problems facing our country (Zimbabwe) and the rest of the world can be understood and solved. Thus, we undertake social analysis and theological reflections through socio-economic research work as a way of demystifying our society's challenges. Through publications, dialogues and various other interventions we engage various state and non-state actors in the public and private sectors to lobby and advocate for the improvement of the situation of the poor, vulnerable and marginalized populations in the country. "When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor are hungry, they call me a communist" (Helder Camara).

"Because we are committed." AMDG

Whats New at Silveira House

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